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Approximately since the age of nineteen, I begin to write my own thoughts, observations and conclusions about myself, the world around me, people I had met. Those observations helped me navigate my life in the stormy sea of my own adolescence and early adulthood.


Unfortunately all of my notebooks were confiscated by customs officials when I was leaving the Soviet Union in 1974 with my family. To this day I mourn the loss of those notebooks. For about five years thereafter, I was unable to write at all. I felt like a part of me was taken away with the confiscation of those diaries. Around 1979 I started writing again. This need to write my thoughts and contemplations reappeared, and remains with me till this very day.


I never know when and why I will write a particular thought, but when I have the feeling, that it is of a value for me, usually I write it down. Some thoughts can wake me up at night; others can come while I am listening to music, traveling in a train, airplane or just walking down the street, during a lecture, or while reading a book or a journal. Sometimes thoughts appear when I'm considering some relationship or crisis with other people. Feelings of success or failure often bring observations, which can be important to me.


Today, when I reed my diaries, even many years after they had been written, I still find some thoughts interesting and important to me. I decided to share some of them with readers of my site, in hope that it can be interesting to some, may be stir their own thoughts, associations, and understandings.


The Site is interactive. Comments discussions and reactions are welcome, to any text that is published on this Site.


At this stage, I upload materials to this site in the languages, which they were written originally. Because the thoughts originally were written for my own use, most of them are written in Russian, which is my primary language. Some are written in Hebrew and some in English. I hope to translate them gradually.


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