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Пятница, 28 Сентябрь 2018 10:57

Memory, and memory distortion



I do not blame the accuser. What I put on question, is the ability to judge a case, depending only on memory and the content of accusation, without any corroborative evidence.


People usually believe in their own memory and therefore they can look honest and credible (not in this case), when describing their experiences, even if they are severe distortions in comparison to actual evidence, if such evidence exist. It is a daily experience in psychotherapy. The difference is, that in therapy what meters, is the subjective experience and not the evidence. In judicial system - what meters, is the evidence. For sure you know, what inner world, time, and other experiences make to human memory. I have plenty of examples of distorted memories of very credible and honest people. I am sure, that you are aware of many studies that confirm what I just sad. As an analytically trained psychologist you should know, what happens to memory and reporting, even a recent event, let alone decades old memories without corroborative evidence, even if people want to tell the whole truth. Take 5 people that witnessed an accident a day before. You will have 5 different stories. Let alone, when politics and interests are involved.

I am sorry, if I was not very polite yesterday. Of course I watched the whole hearing. I was surprised, that no one mentioned the distortions, that are inherent to human nature, and are not meters of lying or telling the truth. I think, that having an expert in memory research on the panel, would make the hearing more deep.

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