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Online Psychotherapy and Consultation

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 The meteoric development of computer and information technologies in the past two decades changed the lives of people all over the world. There is no need to go to the Post Office in order to send a letter. To receive Information - there is no need to visit a library. Even University education is available online. People purchase cameras, computers, and vacations by a click. Video chats and video conferences became an everyday experience.

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The hope was that technology will allow people to have a lot of spare time for leisure, and to take care of themselves. Paradoxically, as so many operations became easier - the pace of life became faster, people became busier, and spare time became even more scarce and precious than before. These two factors – enabling technologies on one hand, and scarcity of spare time on the other - influenced the field of Mental Health.


With the new technologies, people can save not only time and money on preparations, travel and parking, they can also choose their Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist from any point on the Globe, and receive therapy without leaving their room or their office, without having to move out of their comfy chair. On the other hand they are free to get the same service in a coffee shop, during a vacation on the beach front, or while waiting for a transit flight in the airport.

What is most important is that online therapy is not only a time and money saver, but it can actually be deeper, much more goal directed and thus - more effective, bringing the results in a shorter time.


Let see the ways mental care can be delivered online:


Psychotherapy and Consultation via email


A person, writing his thoughts, feelings, pains and conflicts is much more concentrated then when in a face to face conversation. He can reread what he wrote after a while; go back to his previous letters and to the letters received from his therapist. He is not confined by the time to the "therapeutic hour". He can write down his thoughts and feelings the moment when they appear. This way the "therapeutic hour" can be divided, extended indefinitely or "replayed" after a week, a month or in several years.


Psychotherapy via e-mail breaks not only the space barrier but also the time barrier.

The possibility to reflect, on thoughts, beliefs, feelings from time perspective, enriches a person's inner world, and develops qualities that enable him to solve his problems and live life more effectively.

Rereading client's letters, a therapist can also find hidden meanings, which he did not discover on the first reading.

A Psychotherapist that is not confined by the "therapeutic hour" has the opportunity to contemplate on his reply letter, to formulate it in a way, that serves the client's needs best.

Online Psychotherapy and consultation best serves very busy people, whose job demands a lot of traveling, people suffering from severe pain or movement disability, and just anyone who understands the advantages of formulating their thoughts and feelings in a written manner.

Psychotherapy via e-mail can be combined with meetings via Skype or meetings in the therapist's office.

Therapy via e-mail can be in addition to, but not instead of office visits, in cases of Severe Depression, Acute Psychosis, Suicidal thoughts and ideation.

Secrecy and confidentiality in on-line therapy are as strict as those in office setting.


Psychotherapy and Consultation via Skype


Therapy over Skype, or any other video chat service, in the same manner as therapy via e-mail, has no geographical borders. Both save time on preparations, travel and parking.

On Skype, a client and therapist can see and hear each other in real time. The therapeutic session on Skype has to be arranged in advance and scheduled in the same manner as a clinic an office visit.

Psychotherapy via Skype can be combined with clinic visits and correspondence via e-mail.


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